A Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses

The BPS medical director has distributed the following letter throughout the district:

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Arabic

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Cape Verdean

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Chinese

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – English

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – French

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Haitian

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Portuguese

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Somali

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Spanish

Letter Regarding Winter Illnesses – Vietnamese

Report Card Night

Report Card Night will be December 1, 2016, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

On Report Card Night, parents and guardians will have an opportunity to check-in with teachers about the grades their children received in term 1.

You will only have a short time to meet with each teacher: 5 minutes/teacher. Sign-up sheets will be available outside each teacher’s classroom.

While this time is entirely too short to address serious needs, parents and guardians should know that they will have the opportunity to schedule a more detailed appointment with teachers if there is not enough time to discuss more pressing issues.

Please schedule your meetings on the sign up sheet posted outside of your child’s teacher’s door, and keep track of your timeslot. Teachers will do their best to adhere to the schedules.

If available, please bring a copy of your child’s report card with you on December 1 for report card night; greeters will provide classroom maps.

We look forward to seeing you from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

A Letter to the BLA Community

Dear Boston Latin Academy Community:

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) has released its annual accountability report that shows Boston Latin Academy has again exceeded its accountability targets, Progress and Performance Index (PPI), in every category and every subject area. Most notably, the PPI average across all BLA groups (6 subgroups) is 91 out of 100. Also, the school’s PPI for our high-needs subgroup is 87. However, we are disappointed to learn that Boston Latin Academy has been re-classified by DESE from a Level 1 to a Level 2 school.

All Massachusetts schools and districts with sufficient data are classified into one of five accountability and assistance levels (1 – 5), with the highest performing in Level 1 and the lowest performing in Level 5. For a school to be classified into Level 1, the cumulative Progress and Performance Index for both the “all students” group and “high-needs” group must be 75 or higher. A school will be classified into Level 2 if it has low assessment participation rates for any group (between 90% and 94%).

Notwithstanding exceeding the state’s minimum index core of 75 for both our all-students group and high-needs subgroup for Level 1 classification, BLA has been classified a Level 2 school due to our high-needs students’ participation rate falling to 90%, below the state’s required 95%. This decrease in their participation rate resulted from three high-needs students not participating in the assessment. BLA has a total of 29 high-needs students, 26 of whom took the assessment.  I am also very proud to note that several of these students are among the highest scoring on the assessment in their respective classes. I am disappointed that BLA’s classification level has declined, and because of this I wrote a letter of appeal to retain BLA’s Level 1 classification, which was endorsed by Boston Public Schools, to Mitchell Chester, the Commissioner of Elementary & Secondary Education.


Troy P. Henninger
Head Master

Chimdi Uchendu
Assistant Head Master

Welcome Back to School!

Dear Boston Latin Academy Community:

I hope you have enjoyed summer recess. During this time, Boston Latin Academy (BLA) has undergone a few critical improvements. First, we painted the gymnasium in our school colors, sanded and sealed its floors, and installed new bleachers. Second, we created four new classrooms in the building by reconfiguring existing space. One of those classrooms was created on the third floor and three classrooms were created on the ground level. These long overdue major physical changes will greatly enhance the educational experience for students.

As we near the first day of school, which is September 8, I want to share with you the instructional and administrative activities that will take place on September 8 and 9. These activities are important to the academic and social fabric of our school. Building on last year’s instructional focus, these two days will kickoff our yearlong dialog on climate, culture, and college readiness. Students in grades 7 thru 12 and teachers will engage in the following:

  1. Social Media Responsibility Activities
  2. Bullying Prevention & Awareness Activities
  3. SAT Practice Tests (12th grade only)
  4. Forum: Understanding Each Other’s Identities
  5. Summer Reading Activities
  6. Grade Level Meetings
  7. Community Building Activities
  8. Essay Writing Activity
  9. Complete All Necessary School Forms
  10. Group Fitness Activities (no special dress or footwear required).

The regular class schedule will begin on Monday, September 12. On September 8 and 9, students will not follow the regular class schedule. On these two days, student will need to bring a pen and pencil only. Regarding school supplies, for returning students, teachers will provide their students with a list of those supplies needed. For our new students in grades 7 and 9, we have put the list of supplies they will need on the school’s website. In the future, we plan to create and post on our website a basic supply list for students in all grades. This will help students and parents plan for their supply needs sooner.

As you may know, the heavy traffic in front of BLA during drop-off and pick-up times is challenging. To help relieve the congestion caused by numerous buses and cars, and by 1,750 students, the Boston Traffic Department (BTD) has changed the drop-off and pick-up location. Therefore, when dropping-off and picking–up students, drivers must use the newly designated drop-off and pick-up area located on Warren Street, between the bus stop and Deckard Street. BTD has posted signs to direct drivers to this new area. Please do not use Townsend Avenue during this congested morning and afternoon times.

I look forward to our paths crossing during this school year. “Vita Tua Sit Sincera.”


Troy P. Henninger

BLA Students Present Mayor with Plaque in Latin


In his inauguration speech in 2014, Mayor Walsh said: “I will listen. I will learn. I will lead.”

BLA student Veena Lagare painted those lines in Latin (“Audiam, discam, ducam”), along with the city seal, on a wooden plaque.

On August 1, 2016, she and seven other members of the Classics Club were volunteering with BLA parent Sue Low at the National Night Out event in Roslindale Square, serving cotton candy and snow cones, when they had the opportunity to present the mayor with the plaque.

Pictured above are senior Branajha Rembert, senior Shayla Hinds (holding a copy of the Boston Globe from the day after the inauguration), Mayor Walsh, junior Malika Petit-Frere Cruickshank, and Veena (also a senior).

The mayor has signed a copy of the photo for each student.