The following are typical courses, by grade, for students who enter BLA in grade 7.

(Students who enter in grade 9 start with Latin I and consequently have slightly different schedules.)

(See also our course descriptions and a list of class websites.)

7th Grade:

  • English 7
  • Humanities
  • Pre-Algebra
  • General Science
  • Middle School Latin
  • Physical Education
  • An Arts Class: Theater, Visual Arts, Band, Orchestra, or Fundamentals of Music

8th Grade:

  • English 8
  • Humanities
  • Algebra I
  • General Science
  • Latin I
  • A Modern Foreign Language: Arabic I, Chinese I, French I, Japanese I, or Spanish I
  • Physical Education
  • Optionally: Band

9th Grade:

  • English 9
  • Western Civilization
  • Geometry or Geometry Honors
  • Biology
  • Latin II or Latin II Honors
  • A Modern Foreign Language: Arabic II, Chinese II, French II, Japanese II, or Spanish II
  • Physical Education
  • Optionally: Band

10th Grade:

  • English 10
  • US History II or AP US History
  • Advanced Algebra or Advanced Algebra Honors
  • Physics, AP Biology, or AP Physics I
  • Latin III or Latin III Honors
  • A Modern Foreign Language: Arabic III, Chinese III, French III, Japanese III, or Spanish III
  • Optionally: Band

11th Grade:

  • English 11 or AP Language and Composition
  • World History II or AP European History
  • Pre-Calculus or Pre-Calculus Honors
  • Chemistry or Chemistry Honors
  • A Modern Foreign Language: Arabic IV, Chinese IV, French IV, Japanese IV, or Spanish IV
  • An Elective

12th Grade:

  • English 12 or AP English Literature
  • One Math Course
  • Electives