Boston Latin Academy

Boston Latin Academy has a 138-year history of academic excellence with an outstanding rate of college placement.

We are an inner-city public school serving 1,700 economically and culturally diverse students, grades 7 through 12, from Boston’s many neighborhoods. More than 40 percent of students are eligible for the federal free or reduced lunch program. A significant number of BLA students speak languages other than English at home. We are proud to have a supportive alumni association and an active parents association.

Simply put, BLA is a vibrant, diverse, academically rigorous school where the Classics Club is just as popular as the football team.

The students of Boston Latin Academy, their parents, and the faculty share a commitment to excellence. Our curriculum, while rooted in the study of the classics, the liberal arts, and the fine arts, has been developed to ensure that all students are well-prepared for success in college and success in life.

Our goal is to create an environment where students learn to listen, to question, to read, to empathize, and to make choices based on sound, ethical principles. We believe that this can be best accomplished within a disciplined, caring, and supportive school environment. Therefore, in addition to our emphasis on academics, we offer a broad spectrum of support services that provide psychological, tutorial, and medical help for students in need.

In Students’ Words:

“I walked into Latin Academy as a scared little girl and now, six years later, I’m ready to conquer the world and everything that comes with it. I’ve had my highs and I’ve had my lows but I can’t believe I’m finally done!”
–Monique Cox, Class of 2012.

“I’m bummed that I’m graduating. … I don’t want to leave this school.”
–Daiquann Davis, Class of 2012.

“Thank you to the whole senior class: you have all changed my life in some way or another! R.I.P. Sweater Tuesdays and Pink Wednesdays.”
–Christopher Hynds, Class of 2012.