After School Roundtable Discussions, Starting Feb. 2


In Your Words . . .

I walked into Latin Academy as a scared little girl and now 6 years later I’m ready to conquer the world and everything that comes with it. I’ve had my highs and I’ve had my lows but I can’t believe I’m finally done! –Monique Cox, class of 2012.

I’m bummed that I’m graduating. . . . I don’t want to leave this school. –Daiquann Davis, class of 2012.

Thank you to the whole senior class, you have all changed my life in some way or another! R.I.P Sweater Tuesdays and Pink Wednesdays. –Christopher Hynds, class of 2012.

After School Roundtable Discussions

As announced in Mr. Henninger’s recent letter to families, as well as in his announcement to students and faculty, BLA students are invited and encouraged to attend after school roundtable meetings to discuss the topics of race, culture, bias, and equity as they exist in and impact our school.

More information is available here.

Student Handbook

The 2015-2016 BLA Student Handbook is posted here for your reference.

At the start of the year, each student needs to print and have signed this Contract Sheet.

Lost Bus Passes and Student IDs

At the start of the year, students are issued a “One Card” that combines a student photo ID with an MBTA bus pass.

If you have lost this, please come to the Main Office to fill out a replacement form.

MBTA Service . . .

. . . is described here.

Combination Locks and Blue Books

BLA issues each student a combination lock that must be used to secure the student’s locker. BLA also issues “blue books” that students use as room passes.

Students in Ms. Roche’s class made this video to show how the combination locks and blue books work.