Welcome, BLA Families


Welcome, Parents of Incoming Sixies!

You will soon being receiving email updates via our Bulletin and Google Groups. In addition, in October the School Parent Council, School Site Council, and Friends of BLA will begin their monthly meetings. Please get involved!

A Message for Families of Graduating Seniors

Interested in placing a recognition ad in the Class of 2016 yearbook?

Please see the attached file and create one online.

Get Involved

Families can get involved in the school and support their children by:

-Volunteering their time
-Joining the Friends of BLA (the fundraising body for parents)
-Joining the School Parent Council
-Attending School Site Council meetings
-Giving money or in-kind donations

To pursue any of these opportunities, please see the links on the left side of this page.

Letter from the Superintendent to All BPS Families

Homeroom teachers distributed copies of this letter regarding school safety on September 21.