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List of clubs, when they meet & where to inquire about them:

Academy Actors (Drama):   Thurs 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Berinato, Room 131
Allianza Latina (Hispanic culture): Tues 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Campusano, Room 318
Anime Club: Wednesday 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Monestine, Room 218
Asian Student Association: Thursday 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Fogarty, Room 347
AP Biology Club: TBD. Ms. Via, Room 301
Art/Science Prize (competition): Mr. Ekholm-Jacobson, Guidance
Band (Jazz): Tues 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Eisenman, Room 130
Big Sister: Mr. Ekholm-Jacobson, Guidance
Bible Club: Mr. Huie
Book Club: TBD, Ms. Lewis, Library
The Cave/BSA (study/library): Mon to Thurs 1:40-3:30pm. Ms. Bryant, the Cave
Certamen, Latin Jeopardy! (Advanced, Latin 3+): Mon/Wed 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Luong, Room 239
Certamen (Intermediate, Latin 2): TBD. Ms Fillion, Room 211
Certamen (Novice, Latin MS7 & 1): Tues/Thurs 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Luong, Room 239
Classics Club: No meetings, 5 major events. Ms. Fillion, Room 211
Chess Club: Monday 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Jackson, Room 102
Communication club Wednesday 1:50-2:30 Mr. Moran 240
Cooking Club: Thurs 1:50-2:30PM. Ms. Henrich, Room 326
Debate:  Thurs 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Barry, Mr. Eaton, Ms. Mahoney, Mr. Paddock, Mr. Rodriguez, Cafeteria
Dragon Tales, the School Newspaper: Mon 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Freed, Room 219/220
Film Club: Thursday 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Moran, Room 330
The Greenhouse Club: Wednesday 1:50-2:30. Mr. Freed & Mr. Barry, Greenhouse
Green Team (Recycle):   Wednesday/Friday 1:50-2:45pm. Ms. Fogarty, Room 347
Japanese Culture Club:   every other Tues 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Lange, Room 340
Junior/Senior Class Advisors: Tues 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Sullivan & Ms. Cho, Guidance
Library Advisory Committee: Monday 1:50-2:30. Ms Lewis, Library

Math Team:   TBD. Ms. Bradeen, Room 112
Mock Trial:   Tues 1:50-2:30pm and Sat at 9am. Ms. Brown, Room 325
Model United Nations:   Tues 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Hamilton & Ms. Byrne, Room 319
Muslim Student Association:   Thursday 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Eaton, Room 331
National Honor Society:   By invite only. Ms. Ford, Room 221
Online Writing Club:   Restarting in 2014-2015.
Origami Club: Wed 1:50-2:30. Mr. Moran, Room 330
Rainbow Alliance:   Thurs 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Good, Room 312
Red Cross Club: Mon 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Huie, Room 336 
Rubik’s Cube Club: Monday 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Hocker, 212.
SAT Prep: Dates TBD. Mr. Ekholm-Jacobson, Guidance
Science Club: Tues 1:50-2:30. Ms. Restrepo, 238
Science Fair Club: Tues., 1:50-2:15. Ms. Via, Room 301
Scholarship Society: Wednesday, 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Via, 301
Self-Defense Club:   Thurs 1:50-2:30. Mr. Huie, Room 336
SSJP Internships (Brigham, 10th grade): Inquire Wed-Fri 1:40-3pm. Ms. Alleyne, Room 110
Spirit Squad: Thurs 1:50-2:30. Ms. McClain, Room 215
Step Team: Thurs 2-3. Ms. Mondesir, Room 302 & Ms. Gross, Room 101
Student Ambassadors: By invite only. Ms. Deluca, Room 221
Student Forum:   Alternate Thurs 1:50-2:30pm. Dr. Properzio, Room 225
Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) : Thurs 1:50-2:30pm. Ms. Redley, Room 309
Table Tennis: Tuesday and Thursday 1:50-2:30pm. Mr. Allen, Room 321
TAG (Talented and Gifted; community building):   Thurs 1:50-2:30. Ms. Roche, Room 222
Vision of Dance:  Mon. 1:50-2:30. Mr. Moran, Room 240
Yearbook:   Weekly. Ms. Shah, Room 309

Inactive club for 2015-2016

Machine Science and Engineering Club:   Wed 1:50-3pm. Mr. Moran, Room 240