BLA Students Present Mayor with Plaque in Latin


In his inauguration speech in 2014, Mayor Walsh said: “I will listen. I will learn. I will lead.”

BLA student Veena Lagare painted those lines in Latin (“Audiam, discam, ducam”), along with the city seal, on a wooden plaque.

On August 1, 2016, she and seven other members of the Classics Club were volunteering with BLA parent Sue Low at the National Night Out event in Roslindale Square, serving cotton candy and snow cones, when they had the opportunity to present the mayor with the plaque.

Pictured above are senior Branajha Rembert, senior Shayla Hinds (holding a copy of the Boston Globe from the day after the inauguration), Mayor Walsh, junior Malika Petit-Frere Cruickshank, and Veena (also a senior).

The mayor has signed a copy of the photo for each student.