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Unexcused Absences

Here are a few examples of absences that need to be recorded as unexcused—even if a parent sends a note:

  • repetitive and chronic absence due to illness or injury. In these cases, for the absence to be excused, the parent must submit a letter from a health care provider verifying that the student was too sick or injured to go to school.
  • student needed to baby-sit
  • cutting class
  • family vacation
  • trip to the homeland
  • extension of a religious or cultural holiday beyond the designated day or days on the school calendar.

Supplemental MBTA Service

The MBTA provides supplemental bus service for Boston Latin Academy.

These are ordinary MBTA buses used to provide extra service on school days.

In the morning, these particular buses go further than their usual routes, bringing students directly to Boston Latin Academy (instead of stopping at the usual last stop).

In the afternoon, these particular buses start here at BLA and then proceed to take their usual routes.

(These routes might not appear in the routes suggested by the trip planner on the MBTA’s website.)

Morning Service:

6:30 a.m.: Rte. 32 from Wolcott Square, Hyde Park
6:30 a.m.: Rte. 34 from Washington at Stimson St., West Roxbury
6:30 a.m.: Rte. 36 from Charles River Loop, West Roxbury
6:15 a.m.: Rte. 57/66/23 from Oak Square, Brighton, VIA Union Square, Allston
6:25 a.m.: Rte. 10 from City Point, South Boston VIA Andrew Station

Afternoon Service:

Students may board these buses at the corner of Townsend St. and Humboldt Ave.:

1:50 p.m.: Rte. 32 to Wolcott Square VIA Forest Hills Station
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 34 to Washington at Stimson St. VIA Forest Hills Station
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 36 to Charles River Loop VIA Forest Hills Station
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 38 to Wren Street VIA Forest Hills Station
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 44 to Jackson Square

Students may board these buses at the corner of Townsend St. and Warren St.:

1:50 p.m.: Rte. 10 to City Point VIA Andrew Square (2 Buses)
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 19 to Gallivan Blvd VIA Fields Corner (2 Buses)
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 22/23 to Ashmont Station
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 28 to Ruggles Station
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 28 to Mattapan Station
1:50 p.m.: Rte. 57/66/23 to Watertown Square VIA Brighton and Oak Square

Bus Passes and Student IDs

At the start of the year, students are issued a “One Card” that combines a student photo ID with an MBTA bus pass.

To Replace the Bus Pass: Please come to the Main Office to fill out a replacement form.

To Replace the Student Photo ID: Please complete this form online.

Please note that the BLA Main Office does not have the authority to change the type of bus pass (e.g. M7 or S) issued to a student. For concerns regarding the type of pass, families need to contact the BPS Transportation Department at 617-635-9520.

General Information about BLA Boys’ Hockey

Head coach: Mr. Bob McCormick (

JV coach: Mr. Dan Cuddy

Season: Winter (late November to mid February)

Tryouts: Week after Thanksgiving

Requirements to try out: Updated physical exam (within the last year) and cumulative GPA from previous term above 1.67

Home games: Played at Northeastern University’s Matthews Arena

Time Commitment: 5 days per week, 2 hour practices on non-game days, roughly 2 games per week

Recent Highlights: 2012 City Champions!