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A Reputation for Excellence: GLS to BLA

Boston Latin Academy (BLA) was originally established in 1878 as Girls’ Latin School (GLS), the very first college preparatory high school for girls established in the United States.

By the time GLS celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1903, it had achieved the reputation as one of the finest college preparatory schools in the United States.

In 1971, the School Committee recognized a new state law which ended sex discrimination in the two Latin Schools. Soon after, the school became Boston Latin Academy.

In 2010, BLA won a Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education. This award, which recognized 254 public and 50 private schools across the country, recognizes schools where students attain and maintain high academic goals, including those that beat the odds.

For more information about the history of BLA, including video and photographs, visit the BLA-GLS Association.